Importance Of National Sports In The UK

The government of England has commited itself 100% to the advancement of sports. Every single year, the Treasury and The National Lottery set aside bllions for this very purpose. Hundreds of national governing bodies and sports organizations have been established to facilitate sports in the UK. These include Sport England, Sport Scotland, Mountain Training Trust, British Canoe Union, UK Sport, England Hockey, UK Athletics, Great Britain Rowing, British Olympics Association, British Swimming, WIN Tennis , Badminton Association of England, Sport Wales, Rugby Football League and Baseball Softball UK. National Sports Centres are open not just to established athletes but also to the local community. They host summer camps and inter-school competitions. For such effort to be put into sports begs the question, what are the benefits of sports?

Importance of sports

  • Improves physical health of people engaging in sports or activities by improving circulation of blood, reducing obesity, facilitating proper heart function and lowering the risks of diabetes, hypertension and cancer among many other diseases.
  • Improves mental health of individuals. Physical activity and working out releases endorphins that puts people in good moods. It reduces stress levels. It minimizes the chances of having anxiety or depression. It boosts self esteem. It lowers risks of being affected by dementia.
  • Reduces crime. Sports centres at the grassroot levels ensure the youth are kept busy and constructive. They are therefore less likely to partake in crime.
  • Source of income. Sports pay and they pay well. Top sportsmen and women are known to have fat bank accounts. This income is used to better the lives of the players and the people around them. Some also goes back to the government.
  • National sports centres host major events like the Olympics which raises revenue for the UK government. Athletes from other countries pay to use their facilities, wine and dine in the country and to travel to nearby tourist attractions.
  • Promotes unity and fondness. People from different backgrounds interact and eventually develop strong bonds. Family members and fans go out to cheer favorite athletes and this promotes love and unity.